I'm a self taught photographer, my experience taught me a lot.. and i mean A LOT.. but I do have tons of sifu who always share their philosophy.

it's not dat i dont want to, there's no time for me to attend any class/workshop.. but dat's doesnt stop me from learning. lotsa resources online teach about basic, rules, and tricks about photography.. 

If you love photography, then buy one any camera and start shooting. the more you take pictures, the more experience u will get.. please dun afraid of bad picture / good picture.. 

how u define bad picture? by missed focusing or overexposed? nahh.. 

was taken in front of chowkit market / pasar chowkit
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3 Responses to “sidekick”

Mr Spy berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.
Mr Spy berkata...

one day I will join uoll

Ait berkata...

Thanks sebab belog ini banyak muka saya.


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