Postwedding Bukit Tinggi

Last Saturday me and my fellowship went to Bukit Tinggi at Bentong, Pahang. My wifey, her fwen, Zati and couple of extraordinary fwen Salma and her bf. Bukit tinggi has 3 different place up there, there;s Japanese Village, Colmare Tropicale which is France village, and also Rabbit place. Btw, we chose Colmar Tropicale instead as requested by our client.. The journey went well as we start shoot at 9.. 

The plan is, we shoot at 8am to 9am and finished before noon.. but unfortunately there's wind and rain between 10-11am so we had to stop for a while.. and for a fist time i got to discover the France performance here at Bukit Tinggi. after the rain over, we continue the shot and last at 2pm.. had a great photoshoot with the client though although the weather was rough and hot.

Me and wifey also had a shot there, hehe! what a unprofessional photographer.. ;) Well, its not dat we can go there anytime, right? 

here's some of the shot. Enjoice!

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