My Happiest Moment

Sometimes when we feel sad, disappointed and depressed, we try to find and look back those sweet memories, the one that make us bounce back. The one that keep us alive. When I’m in trouble, i try to find myself some space and solve the problem and at the same time i try to remember the good time that made me smile.

At age of 28 years, it is impossible if I said that I did not have any sweet memories or moment that cannot be forgotten. There's a tons of it. But the most memorable moment was when me and my wife did our pre-wedding photo shoot by ourselves.

It was the happiest moment in my life when both of us decided to go at this so called-heavenly-God place at Serdang near UPM. It was actually a farmyard with horses and cows. The place is very famous because many peoples from advertising and broadcasting industry did the advertisement and tv commercial here. It was a beautiful Saturday and at that time we both still single mingle. We decided to did the photo shoot on our own.. There's no photographer, no one else, just me, my wifey, a camera and a tripod.. haha.

So, at 7 in the morning we went to UPM Serdang. We sneak in and watch out for any security guard. We know its illegal and we must seek for permission and some more must pay for the entrance. But well, like ppl always said, i gotta do what you gotta do aight? We managed to get in without anyone noticed.. and quicky i set up my camera into timer and pull in the tripod and get couple of shots.. wifey keeps remind me to rush but still managed to pose somemore LOL!

I myself try harder to set the camera upside down to get the right composition and exposure..
The session went well and about 20 minutes we manage to capture about 100++ shots.. surprisingly..We enjoyed the moment so much and that was the best thing in my life ever.

Here are some shots. enjoice!

So tell me guys, what's your happiest moment in your life? i wanna know..

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